To Fill Junk In Your Mind is Good, But Not In Your Stomach

On the New Year, I try to stick to a ‘diet’ calling Sunday cheat day. There are no rules so I eat as much as I want and what I want. That’s really doesn’t work at all. Because after consuming all that junk, my stomach is bloated. By the next day, pimples start to form and I’m two pounds heavier. Luckily the government is there to help me. All of you.

There’s even a healthy stair. Of course if I’m lucky, I am able to eat and exercise healthy.

Two weeks later, I’m back to my old routine.

My routine isn’t the proudest. I say it’s rather boring, lackadaisical, typical, monotone, and predictable. I tune into what’s on the news, I mean pop media. Oh look, Miley Cyrus is spinning out of control. It’s great that she’s not marrying young. But, I feel sad for her because I truly don’t understand why she is doing this.

Now I want to crawl under a rock because I embarrassed myself. The media feeds me the information and I eat it up like a baby. It was propaganda and consumerism. I like to say I was brain-washed by the media. All those flashy images and bright colors have meant something to my eyes and my mind. I have a tune stuck in my head from watching those tempting ads with great jingles.

It’s also the government’s fault. Where are the important news about the disappearing bees, concern about food crop in the near future, oil dependency, global warming and such? Is it not strange that suddenly there are frequent hurricanes? It’s not like these issues are going to disappear. Where is the government in helping us?

You wonder, why don’t you read nor do something beneficial? And I do. After fessing up my horrible routine and admitting it to be my fault– mostly, I learn about the things that truly matter for me. The environment. Would it feel better if I say I write stories for fun? Or if to compensate, I will be Girl On Green with a side of dirty habit.

Can someone help a mere person?


About GirlOnGreen

Occasional writer. Sporadic bursts of wittiness. Speaks for the trees. Not built under pressure. Twitter: girlongreen
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