Do you like playing God?

You sit high on your imaginary pedestal as you utter your assumption. You are watched by everyone thinking you served some sort of justice. Your words draw silence from the audience and it’s not appreciation or admiration. They are not in awe, only shocked to see your open, fickle, and thoughtless words. You are not innocent nor am I.

You offer no explanation as you say you mean no harm.  Yet, here I am shattered as you strip me of my individuality in front of everyone with only hot air rising inside of me.

It makes you foolish thinking that you can control everything without disregard for the consequences. You say, “Everyone plays God. Doctors. Judges.” Don’t you know Nature is already responding? You can’t place a bandage on a deep wound.

Do you still like playing God?

-It’s awfully quiet in here. I’d appreciate some comments. Thanks.


About GirlOnGreen

Occasional writer. Sporadic bursts of wittiness. Speaks for the trees. Not built under pressure. Twitter: girlongreen
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2 Responses to Do you like playing God?

  1. Wow. Now that is some incredible food for thought. Thank you.

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