Spoiling My Appetite Reading Vampire Diaries Books


Photo credit: The Vampire Diaries on CW TV show

Have you ever read an amazing novel and questioned the integrity of the film or show?

Most of the times, books are always better than its counterpart.

Books provide detailed explanation that somehow the films always miss.

The directors have no choice in a two hour time limit, but to pick what stays and what goes.

Of course there are some films that are completely horrible that they should never begin filming in the first place.

And there are television shows based off of books. Because the shows are longer than two hours, there is character

and story development. You would think the books would be great because the show is great. Not really.

I’ve read five books of the Vampire Diaries series just because I couldn’t wait for the next episode. I couldn’t read any longer due to poor writing skills no matter how much I wanted to find out what happens next.

What I learned:

Vampire Diaries is just based loosely on the books.

Pros: There are a lot more detail and excitement in the show compared to the books. The Ghost writer, also known as , left during the middle of the series due to conflict with the publisher. There is more development in all of the characters making them more realistic.

Cons: She left because she wanted to make a Delena ending. The producers are famously known as Stelena shippers and the show toggles between different love couples and teases the audience far too often than a writer would have.  Despite that, there are a lot of people tuning into the Vampire Diaries show.

Relatable, average, and nice girl is more appealing than a cold witch for a main.

Pros: In the show, Elena Gilbert is nice high school girl who is suddenly out-of-place because she suffered an ordeal being the only survivor from that summer. High school is just a small challenge she has to face.  That appeal more for young adults than a cold and popular high school student who finds an attraction to a pale face high school boy who is the least bit attracted to her after dumping her boyfriend easily.

Cons: Granted throughout the tv series, Elena Gilbert can at times be selfish, rude, heartbreaker, and unappealing to our eyes at times, Elena is still a nice girl.

Better Writing style/Directing style

The writer, L. J. Smith, was a ghost writer for the Vampire Diaries Series. Also the books changed authors and direction in the middle of the series because they wouldn’t let her end with Delena (Damon and Elena loveline). Sadly that’s the only thing I agree and liked part of the series.

The books were not as compelling as the show. The VD show is directed very well with great actors. The scenes are very real and personal. Mostly characters are built up nicely.

What the Books are completely lacking compared to Vampire Diaries TV show:

-Bromance between Damon and Stefan Salvatore brothers

-Friendships between Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline

-Being on your toes as you turn the next page to find out that you have to get or wait for the next book in order to continue.

Of course the Vampire Diaries TV show is not perfect and can’t satisfy everyone.

When the TV show writers painfully teases the audience by bringing harm and hatred to one of the main characters. It’s not just once, but repeatedly especially during Season 3. It’s very unpleasant when the character you’re rooting for is tortured and feeling rejected. But I stuck through the show with one last chance for Damon Salvatore of course.


I wanted to read the books so I could get spoilers about the TV show. I could only handle up to book five before I realized how mediocre it was and how the show is very loosely based on the books. I do think the show is doing pretty great considering that the books were not a success. The idea about vampires, werewolves, and originals is an appealing concept for many young people.

It’s a tense relationship as they’ve thrown out a good and potential storyline out the window. As much as Klaroline (Klaus and Caroline) is missed, the only thing making me continue to tune in is the brotherly Salvatore relationship, the bad-ass attitudes and maybe Delena.

I’m not one to ignore an interesting story.


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