What’s The Point?

For those out there wondering why watch this “Erin Brochovich” movie?

Julia Roberts playing as Erin Brochovich
Julia Roberts playing as Erin Brochovich

What’s the point? Why should we care? Who gives a damn about Chromium 6, groundwater contamination or anything environmental?

For one, I don’t know what it is and don’t give a fuck. Excuse my language. You should watch. And I care after watching this truly inspiring movie.

10. The well-directed movie is based on a true story in Hinkley, California.

9. Over 600 people were lied to about their water and Pacific Gas & Electric tried to cover the fact that the water was poisonous for over 30 years.

8. PG&E wanted the owner’s homes to look for Chromium and they sure didn’t say what type of Chromium they were really looking for.

7. You can be like everyone or be you.
In the movie, a woman customer didn’t want to give a lawsuit or listen to Erin’s little speech. If everyone stands together, we can solve an environmental problem.

6. Erin Brochovich is a wonderful, raw on the edges, strong woman who has tenacity and spice. She cares about this case and is not afraid to fight for what she believes in and with no educational background; she cared. She dedicated her time instead of spending time with her children because she knows a little something that others may have forgotten.

5. Justice should be served on a plate.
Between good and evil, Erin wanted to make sure everyone gets money so they could pay for their hospital bills and more. Also PG&E had to make changes so there isn’t any groundwater contamination.

4. Your future, Your children’s future, and Your Grandchildren’s future.
If you don’t care about the environment, the animals or plants, you should at least care about the little ones, the ones who will be running the country as young smart leaders and living a long and healthy life.

3. History.
It’s always important to know your history so you don’t make the same mistakes twice or know how to help the environment.

2. Other Environmental issues have similar cases. Rachel Carson and DDT banned, Chernobyl nuclear disaster etc. People with health problems. And there are real cases today such as disappearing honey bees (forshadow: world hunger), coral reef threatened (Foreshadow: diversity, marine animals, natural disasters) or loss of quality lumber or food crops due to diseases.

1. Who should care and why should we care?
There are many reasons to say we shouldn’t care or think twice about this movie made in 2000 or about something that hasn’t affected us directly. You can say that those few who do care about something are on a dead end because they aren’t getting paid for lots of money.

It’s the same for those who focus their lives in art, music or writing. Many of them are barely getting by. Somehow they have to figure out how to get someone to care and love them. Does Erin Brochovich remind us of someone? Hopefully with the blood, sweat and tears being put in, people can see how much their lives can be better if they took the time to listen to one voice.

This movie is based on the case and this blog post is about the review or how it may turn you to being an environmental activist. But it’s more than that.

Our voice. We have our voice to speak out for those who can’t.

Have I made you care?
Go watch this movie if you haven’t. The story is directed brilliantly. Julia Roberts is a great actress in this movie. There are sure a few great lines/comebacks that I haven’t included in this review because I definitely want you to watch this movie. If you want attitude, there is definitely plenty of in your face, risk factor, ammunition, and bravery. And if you like happy stories, it’s better than fairytales. Let me know what you think about this movie and if you are moved.

It’s exhilarating, right? Because you read to the end, I made you care a bit more.


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