Do You Give Good Advice?

I am a woman of few words. At best, I can answer any questions in one word. I can answer most questions in concise and clear sentences. I do not give good advice as my words stumble when I mutter. I am not the Dear Abbey columnist.

Ask me for advice. Go ahead! I will throw the question back, intentionally not answering the initial question. I would rather direct it away or apologize and shrug my shoulders. At best, I would provide both sides and make no definite conclusion.


1. For fear that the Advise decides to follow my words, and it doesn’t end well.

2. Lack of experience, wisdom and age.

3. Lack of magical automatic happiness powers in my words. (The ability to make people feel better.)

I can still help. I just don’t like to give bad advice. I always thought that I am not a good person to offer good advice. It turns out that I’ m one of those people that would rather listen to your troubles, tell you to follow your heart and see for yourself what’s best.

It’s not easy to string together words and speak to someone who is seeking advice. I suggest you look elsewhere. Or perhaps I am writing to one with potential.


About GirlOnGreen

Occasional writer. Sporadic bursts of wittiness. Speaks for the trees. Not built under pressure. Twitter: girlongreen
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