If You Recommend Blogging?

Fellow bloggers,

Now that you are blogging, would you recommend someone else to blog? How?

Apparently, the reason my brother takes a really long shower is because he spends the majority of the time thinking. It was the soothing and rhythm drops of water calms down his stress about school and life. (Talk about the amount of water wasted just thinking). It is be the same for those who sing.

In my progress to lower the water usage in my family, I’ve recommended blogging to him. I’ve told him that erratic and random thoughts could be the main idea. Of course, blogging didn’t appeal to him.

Why? 1. Writing is not his forte. 2. He didn’t want readers, followers or comments. He didn’t want to go public.

After that, I didn’t try to get him to start blogging. I began to question if blogging is right for me.

In 2011, I created a blog because I wanted to just write about what I like. I am not a writer and probably won’t ever be an official writer. I also had a photography blog, but with no photos at all. I stopped blogging all together in several months.

This year, I’ve created a blog again mainly for a creative writing project for a grade and a tiny bit because I wanted to a new blog. I could say blogging is currently a test subject.

Midway results.

For the cons, I would have given up a long time ago should I realized the problem right away. Blogging is not easy. I thought blogging would relieve my stress. Instead the constant pressure and limited time to blog are eating me away and causing me to lose hair.

I begin to question myself, “Maybe people don’t care about the environment. OR Maybe people don’t care about my writing. OR Maybe it’s too long. OR Maybe I began to not care about my blog. OR Maybe there’s no central/focused theme.”

It could be all or a combination. Anyways one thing for sure, I gave up on comments or viewers. Right now, I’m just writing fanfiction and blogging to fulfill the requirements.

The pros are that I began to appreciate interesting topics in art and writing that otherwise I would have no time for, and finding unique posts and bloggers.

I can see the time and dedication many bloggers put into their blog. How would it be easier to have your views increased?

In the time you read my blog, comment about any of the following:

What is blogging to you?                                                                                                                     How you began blogging or why?                                                                                                     How would you recommend if you do?

Be sure to link your blog below and I’ll check out your blog.


About GirlOnGreen

Occasional writer. Sporadic bursts of wittiness. Speaks for the trees. Not built under pressure. girlongreen@hotmail.com Twitter: girlongreen
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