Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect(Episode review of Infinity Challenge – “Butterfly Effect” episode 228– S. Korean TV show)

First Impression: I watched this episode for the interesting title “Butterfly effect”. I have no idea what it may be about. I was pleasantly surprised about the topic.

Would you rather go on a trip to Maldives where it’s warm and sunny or North Pole where it’s cold and snowy?

Me? Maldives! So did the majority of the Infinity Challenge members.

I won’t try to spoil those who want to watch.

Environmental aspect:

Although there were talks about global warming, the episode is also describing climate change. Global warming is part of climate change.

Humor: Extremely hilarious. Their so called vacation turned out to be where the environmental aspect comes in. At the start only three vacationing at “Maldives” were relaxing and having fun. It becomes a nightmare vacation for Maldives and North Pole when they watched, “The Butterfly Effect” or the ‘star’ (regular) life of their last member.

Global Warming: Watching the show on how the last member lives, there is a realization among those at Maldives and North Pole.

Going Green: There are plenty of tips such as turning off the lights, taking the train, turning off the heat when you leave etc.

Climate Change: Every activity done, the world continues to get warmer. These are lasting changes. The North Pole members couldn’t stop the ice from melting.

Real: Although this was a small world, this is a concept to understand global warming, climate change, and going green. There’s a way out to the episode, but in real life it may not be as easy.

Interesting: The last member came to visit both Maldives and North Pole. He had no clue what has been happening. This relates to the real world.

Butterfly Effect Definition: cumulatively large effect that a very small natural force may produce over a period of time or a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world might ultimately cause a hurricane in another part of the world (Taken from an online dictionary)

Butterfly Effect was coined by Lorenz, whose idea was that the changes in the force of the wings can cause a hurricane. The title of the episode does not accurately reflect what it is about. Climate change is a global issue so that rules out the butterfly effect. Also the rate at which environmental issues are happening, nature is not the cause.

Overall: It was very humorous and informational. It is also relatable to the general audience. There is an English subtitle for those who don’t know Korean.

Audience: Everyone

Recommend: If you like humor and/or environment.  or Infinity Challenge. Yes.


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