Oh Snap!

He was the only one speaking outright that the drivers of the cars should move from the no parking zone for the bus. Everyone’s attention shifted towards him as did mine. I’ve noticed the man had a slight limp. He was only assisting with traffic control. I understood and amused that the worker thanked him as well.

As the bus pulls onto the transportation center, the man opened his mouth and gestured his hands towards the bus driver to pull up to the front.

The bus driver only stopped at the bus sign causing the man with the limp with scold him.

I maneuvered my way down the aisle as I picked up my extremely large suitcase avoiding feet and a folding laundry cart. I took a seat towards the middle of the bus.

I was on the bus back to college. Only two more weeks until winter break. And then I would graduate entering reality.

“Just 30 more minutes” I thought to myself.

And then I would be walking to my apartment.

That man came back again to the front of the bus. Apparently, one scolding wasn’t enough. I understood although I didn’t see the reasoning to reprimand the driver several times. Before the bus left the transportation center, there was a one-sided ‘conversation’ between the man and the bus driver.

A man in a wheelchair was let onto the bus taking the front seat. The final passengers were an elderly couple each with a cane. By then, there were no seats available in the front.

The bus driver left the bus probably to get something to eat or to go to the bathroom. The couple stood by the man in a wheelchair.

Sitting towards the middle, I wanted to offer my seat to them. Preferably the couple wanted a seat closer to the front so they don’t have to go too far.

I looked around towards the passengers in the front, seeing who could give up their seat. A few people could.

No one moved from their spots. Was this the end of a Good Samaritan? What happened to the rule that you must give up your seat to an elderly, a pregnant woman or a young child? Does that not apply?

My heart was starting to hurt. I wonder if people weren’t raised the same way.

I wanted to say something out loud like that man with the limp, but I didn’t. I ignored the itch in my throat. I didn’t have anything in me. You could say I chickened out.

The only thing I did was stood up from my seat hoping someone would move so the couple could sit.

The bus driver came back and on the next stop, an older woman offered her seat to the elderly couple as she took my empty seat.

As the bus drove downtown, I regretted that I kept my mouth shut and that I didn’t take any photographic documentation.


About GirlOnGreen

Occasional writer. Sporadic bursts of wittiness. Speaks for the trees. Not built under pressure. girlongreen@hotmail.com Twitter: girlongreen
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