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Do You Give Good Advice?

I am a woman of few words. At best, I can answer any questions in one word. I can answer most questions in concise and clear sentences. I do not give good advice as my words stumble when I mutter. … Continue reading

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The Unwelcome Guest

A while back, I had an unwelcome guest. I still remember it as if it was yesterday. Shiver! Dash! Crash! Clang! I rushed to the kitchen once I heard loud sounds. My eyes widened at the pots on the floor … Continue reading

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See With Eyes Unclouded

Princess Mononoke – Hayao Miyazaki Review We have our own opinions and thoughts set to stone.  Our personality, work ethic, and style define who we are. Whether you are a writer, reader, an enthusiast or on the way on to … Continue reading

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