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Butterfly Effect

(Episode review of Infinity Challenge – “Butterfly Effect” episode 228– S. Korean TV show) First Impression: I watched this episode for the interesting title “Butterfly effect”. I have no idea what it may be about. I was pleasantly surprised about … Continue reading

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Start With Your Family: Go Green

If you can’t educate your family, how can you get the general public to listen? If your family can change for the better, there’s a chance that strangers will also as well. Some Go Green tips our family has done: … Continue reading

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What’s The Point?

For those out there wondering why watch this “Erin Brochovich” movie? Julia Roberts playing as Erin Brochovich What’s the point? Why should we care? Who gives a damn about Chromium 6, groundwater contamination or anything environmental? For one, I don’t … Continue reading

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To Fill Junk In Your Mind is Good, But Not In Your Stomach

On the New Year, I try to stick to a ‘diet’ calling Sunday cheat day. There are no rules so I eat as much as I want and what I want. That’s really doesn’t work at all. Because after consuming … Continue reading

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See With Eyes Unclouded

Princess Mononoke – Hayao Miyazaki Review We have our own opinions and thoughts set to stone.  Our personality, work ethic, and style define who we are. Whether you are a writer, reader, an enthusiast or on the way on to … Continue reading

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