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What Should I Say?

The world of blogging was much more than I expected. Being part of this, I have gained truly a lot of experiences, work, emotional feelings and insights for a third of the year. I started this blog for the sole … Continue reading

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Oh Snap!

He was the only one speaking outright that the drivers of the cars should move from the no parking zone for the bus. Everyone’s attention shifted towards him as did mine. I’ve noticed the man had a slight limp. He … Continue reading

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Less Than One Percent

I’m considered INFJ Believed to be very rare But out of 8 billion living people That’s very common And that’s not including the living history Plain Jane on par with MLK and Mandela Like Bacteria in your mouth After the … Continue reading

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Do you like playing God?

You sit high on your imaginary pedestal as you utter your assumption. You are watched by everyone thinking you served some sort of justice. Your words draw silence from the audience and it’s not appreciation or admiration. They are not … Continue reading

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