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Do You Give Good Advice?

I am a woman of few words. At best, I can answer any questions in one word. I can answer most questions in concise and clear sentences. I do not give good advice as my words stumble when I mutter. … Continue reading

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The Unwelcome Guest

A while back, I had an unwelcome guest. I still remember it as if it was yesterday. Shiver! Dash! Crash! Clang! I rushed to the kitchen once I heard loud sounds. My eyes widened at the pots on the floor … Continue reading

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Walking On A Thin Thread

One day, I swear that I will pack everything up and leave the mess of a CW show that is The Vampire Diaries (TVD).  I will ship every character in a box (if I have to) on the TVD to … Continue reading

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What’s The Point?

For those out there wondering why watch this “Erin Brochovich” movie? Julia Roberts playing as Erin Brochovich What’s the point? Why should we care? Who gives a damn about Chromium 6, groundwater contamination or anything environmental? For one, I don’t … Continue reading

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Spoiling My Appetite Reading Vampire Diaries Books

Photo credit: The Vampire Diaries on CW TV show Have you ever read an amazing novel and questioned the integrity of the film or show? Most of the times, books are always better than its counterpart. Books provide detailed explanation … Continue reading

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